Wood Defence


Wood Defence, a high performing protective treatment from water penetration. Wood Defence ensures both untreated and restored wood is fully protected to surfaces exposed to water penetration. Areas such as decking, gates, panelling, garden furniture or cladding will be protected for 8+ years. Not only is wood defence effective on exterior surfaces but also any internal wood flooring surface or furniture. No matter what the weather conditions, soiling or stains Wood Defence will ensure full protection and once applied will significantly reduce absorption of humidity. Wood Defence will also ensure your wood is protected against decay and UV degradation whilst enabling your wood to be much easier to clean giving it a much newer and long-lasting clean appearance. Wood Defence is able to penetrate the wood surfaces fibres rendering them water repellent and resistant to stains without having an impact of the surfaces finish, texture and aesthetics.


Provides protection for both internal and external surfaces

Suitable for all types of wood

Protection against all weather conditions, soiling or stains

Significantly reduces absorption of humidity

Protection against decay and UV degradation

Improved clean appearance of wood in the long term

Does not impact the surfaces finish, texture or aesthetics, appearance is natural

Invisible colour

Solvent free

Ready mixed and easy to apply

Almost odourless


Available in 5 litres

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