Defence, exceptional all-purpose concrete and stone sealer, with invisible properties that contain microscopic titanium dioxide particles that protect concrete and stone substrates. Defence is multi-purpose all-in-one colourless protection, suitable for both ground surfaces and building facades it is an easy to apply water-based hydrophobic impregnation that will provide your floors with guaranteed protection for 5 years and facades for 15 years. Surfaces protected with Defence will remain moisture vapour permeable without chemically altering the substrate or affecting the slip resistance. Ensure your surface is sealed and dust-proof today with Defence.

Once applied this unique and high performance product will provide full protection from:

Water and moisture penetration

De-icing salt deterioration

Fuel and Oil spillages

Food and drink spillages

Mild acids and alkali cleaners

Chewing gum

Pollution and dirt contamination


Bird fouling

Vegetation, algae, lichen and moss growth

Freeze-thaw cycle surface degradation


Slip Resistance is not affected

Instant results that continue to develop weeks after

Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces

No fumes in use

Available in 5 litres.







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