Bio-RS similarly designed as Bio-X, will also eliminate organic and microbiological growth contaminants from porous hard ground surfaces. The difference however Bio-RS will provide a much longer-term solution by continuing to work for up to 2-5 years if applied correctly. (Varies dependent upon environmental conditions).  This high performing and renovating cleaner will clean and provide surface protection from moss, lichen and algae on all hard ground surfaces such as natural stone, cement, tarmac, brick, terracotta and more. With its long term protection, Bio-RS is the ideal cleaner to clean and remove contaminants such as Moss, Lichen and Algae from building roof materials.


Long-term protection – Can work up to 2-5 YEARS (varies dependent upon environmental conditions)

Suitable for multiple uses on a variety of ground surfaces

Ready to use

High performing

Does not contain solvents

No acid or caustic soda

Provides protection from Moss, Lichen and Algae

Available in 1 litre

Containers may vary

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